Setup feelPurple

Setup feelPurple

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When starting your subscription as a Digital Affiliate, you will need to pay the setup fee so that we can adapt the contents of your experience to the digital environment. See below what this setup fee includes:

  • Optimization of the size of images so that they are light without losing quality and thus, allowing an optimized experience for the user;
  • Adjust the images to the different necessary formats (feelpurple, social networks and newsletters;
  • Translation and proofreading of texts in 3 languages: Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and English;
  • Setting the quizz on feelPurple
  • Schedule configuration in feelPurple
  • Setting up the experience (s) in feelpurple
  • Development of the release note for the following newsletter

This amount will be paid only once and allows 1 update per month, while the Digital Affiliate contract is in effect.

When making the payment for this purchase, you will receive by email the file called ONBOARD feelPurple, which will represent the starting point for configuring your product on feelPurple and thus, start to actively work on your brand exposure, positioning, increase reach and start receiving requests right in your email.

Within 24 hours after purchase, one of our team members will contact you to schedule the integration meeting and welcome you to the LATSClub® ecosystem!