Photobuks on feelPurple

Photobuks on feelPurple

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feelPurple presents Photobuks

They produce photo books from digital image files, original text and photobuks touch. Their unforgettable moments value an activism against the abandonment of visual memories.

Your photos hidden in your cell phone, drawers, computer, albums ... come to life!

Main themes:

Travel, celebrations, collections, pets, memories, weddings, birthdays, babies, graduations.

  • Technical details and most used formats

    Hardcover, square spine, original text.
    250g coated paper core up to 250 scanned images average 90 pages in exquisite printing.

    Most used formats: 21x28, 25x25, 30x30cm

  • With the purchase of Photobuks you are hiring:

    • Editorial curatorship
    • Image treatment and graphic design
    • Concept creation
    • Custom text
    • Diagramming
    • Approval of final artwork finalization of file sent to print
    • Graphic tracking
    • Final delivery of Photobuk